Ah, but knowing where the beginning is, that is the trick, is it not?

I have become fond of memoirs in the last few years, especially simple ones, of people just sharing about their ordinary lives, the homes in which they live, the food they eat, the people they love. I started writing up our journey to seminary the other day, because this is something I will want to remember for the rest of my life, and I realized then that I want something else as well.

I want a place to talk about my home, the little, everyday things I love, our daily adventures and simple joys. None of these things fit very well on my other blog, the blog connected with my writing, and so I decided it was time to start a new one.

The blog address, which is echoed in the tagline – open your eyes again – and the title of the blog – Third Thoughts – are both from Terry Pratchett’s marvelous book, The Wee Free Men.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is to live in your life as it is, not in dreams of what it might be, or in your future plans. I missed a good few years of life, waiting to get to seminary, and I don’t ever want to make that mistake again, of missing out on the life that is happening because of waiting for what I think life is going to be.

To open your eyes, and then open them again, to be in touch with your third thoughts as well as your first and second, those are not easy things. But as Tiffany learned in The Wee Free Men, and as I have discovered as well, they are well worth the effort.