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Summertime in New England – it’s bliss, right? Certainly after the long, cold winter, and coolly miserable spring, the summer heat is welcome here.

Except for when my feet swell up so badly I can’t stand to be on them for longer than five minutes, and I can’t sleep at night.

And when going outside gives me a headache and threatens me with heat exhaustion within five minutes.

And the humidity sucks all the life right out of you.

No question about it, I am a fall-and-spring kind of gal. Autumn is my favorite season, spring a close second, winter third, and summer last. I do love warmth and swimming and long days … but I am most content when the weather is just a little cooler.

Thankfully, we’ve only had a handful of truly miserable (for me) days. And despite it being mid-July already, we have not had to hook up our AC yet, which is a wonderful thing. Window and stand fans have done their duty nobly by us.

Our apartment is tiny, carpeted except for in the kitchen and bathroom, and on the second floor. It’s not too unexpected that it would heat up quickly. That was a gift to us this winter. This summer, though, hasn’t been as bad as I was expecting. Yes, we do need to remember to close windows and draw shades on the really hot days, and yes it gets pretty stuffy in here, and yes I would pay big money some days for a hardwood floor beneath my heat-swollen feet … but all told, it’s not too bad.

Our windows look out directly into trees. This is a lovely thing, no matter the season. We get quickly starved for Vitamin D in the winter, but the shade and breeze has been a godsend this summer. And while the smallness means it heats up quickly, it also means the fans get the air moving more easily.

I still don’t like to use the oven much right now, but let’s face it, I didn’t like baking in the summertime even when we lived in our big, rambling two-story house with hardwood floors downstairs and three windows in the kitchen, one of which was right next to the stove. So I’m not blaming the apartment; I just plain don’t like to bake in the summer.

Didn’t stop me from making a batch of mini cream scones from this recipe this morning … It was drizzling a little outside, and I wanted something to go with my morning tea, and so I impulsively threw together the scones. They did heat the kitchen up, but their delicate deliciousness more than made up for it.