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The day I decided the girls were responsible for cleaning their own room

The day I decided the girls were responsible for cleaning their own room

I try not to snicker when people rave about how quiet and calm and sweet and docile our girls are. They can be all those things … but they can also be wildly destructive. Joy is infamous in our family for having ripped most of her board books to shreds as a baby and toddler, when she was supposed to be napping. Grace is still seemingly incapable of seeing a paper doll without tearing it in half. Lamps have been smashed deliberately in their room, not out of anger, but simply because they felt like smashing them. I have banned all pens, pencils, and crayons from the bedroom, due to finding scribbles all over their dresser drawers, the beautiful heirloom toy chests their grandparents built for them, and the walls themselves.

This is all fairly normal kid activity, and some of it, I know, would be alleviated if I were better about getting them outside and running and wrestling and being really physically active more, so I try not to worry about it too much. But it does tempt me to roll my eyes when friends talk as though all girls are gentle and careful by nature, and only boys are rough and wild and accidentally or deliberately destructive.

All of which is one reason Legos have proven to be such a wonderful toy for my kids to play with. Not just for the building and imaginative aspect, though that is wonderful too, obviously. But these are toys they can take apart as much as they want, and they are never ruined. Hurrah!

Now, if only we could satisfy Grace’s urge to squirrel things away in places they don’t belong, and then forget where she’s hidden them so easily …