It’s dumping down rain today – they’ve been promising rain all week, and all we’ve gotten are half-hearted spurts here and there. Today all the rain that didn’t fall from Sunday night to Tuesday is pouring from the skies.

I’m not complaining. I like occasional rainy days, when the wind whips the tree branches outside the windows, tossing their wet leaves hither and about. The grey sky calls for tea, not coffee today, and the rolling thunder rumbling past makes me give thanks for a cozy apartment.

We can keep our windows open, as the trees and roof design prevent even the most wind-driven raindrops from coming through, and so our home today is full of fresh, cool air.

So long as we don’t lose electricity (which rapidly turns a comfortable rainy day into misery, with two small children and a husband who took our only car into the office today), I am content.

Joy and Grace are seated at their little table, drawing with the aid of their Draw Write Now books. When they’re tired of that they’ve got an entire bin of Legos overturned in their bedroom, and library books stacked on the dress-up trunk. I have sewing projects I might try to finish up today, a book that needs writing, a cozy mystery in a newly-discovered series I am enjoying, and, if all else fails, a home that could use cleaning.

No, not too bad a day at all.