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After talking it over for a long while with Carl last night, I’ve taken another step in living well: I will finish the two projects I’m currently working on (dress for Joy, only needs buttons and buttonholes; capris for Grace, cut out and should only take an hour to sew), and then I will put away the sewing machine.

I enjoy sewing clothes for the girls, and it makes so much sense, when I have the ability to make their clothes, to do so instead of buying them. But it takes me forever to finish a project, and it just stresses me out tremendously while it’s hanging around unfinished, nagging at me.

“I think what would probably work would be if you could just set aside one big chunk of time, maybe even one weekend, where you just plow through everything,” Carl observed. “Instead of trying to fit sewing into everyday life.”

I stared at him. “Yes,” I said. “That would be lovely. In fact, that is what I would much prefer to do. When are you taking the kids away for a weekend so I can do that?”

“Oh,” he said, realizing that sewing for an entire day or entire weekend would involve not taking a thousand breaks to take care of everyone’s needs. “Yeah. I get it.”

So the sewing machine is getting put away. We are plotting to let the kids start spending occasional long weekends at Grandma’s house when it can fit around her schedule and ours, and maybe sometimes then I’ll pull it back out.

But for everyday life, no more tricking myself into thinking I can just whip together a project in no time. It never works that way for me, and it’s a burden I can release.

Baby steps. Little by little, we’re getting there.