Grace has her first wiggly tooth.

Gah. My heart.

I don’t usually get nostalgic about my babieeeesss – I enjoy too much having them at this age, and I know from interactions with other kids that it gets even better as they get older. I love having the baby years behind us, and the toddler years, and the preschool years. I love having school-age kids, who are funny and smart and can communicate and think and have wonderful imaginations.

But there’s something about that first loose tooth that kills me. The first time Joy gave me a gap-toothed grin after she pulled her tooth out (in the car, on a seven-hour road trip to visit my parents) I choked.

And now my younger baby has a wiggly tooth, too. It’s not even fully a loose tooth yet, just a little wiggly. And yet, and yet.

My babies are growing up. Please God, don’t let me ever take these years for granted.