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The adrenal fatigue is hitting me with a vengeance this week. It makes me glad I decided to take a week between camping and the start of school to recover and build up energy. Little by little, I’m learning my limitations and working with them instead of letting them cripple me.

Plus, plenty of time spent resting this week means more time for working on Miss M’s quilt. Her one year birthday is in October, and I would like to have the quilt made in time for that. I would have liked to have it done in time for her birth, but … well. It didn’t happen.

Trying to get some writing done as well, but that’s sluggish too right now. The story I want to write I have to wait on until I hear back from my beta readers. The two stories I could work on, I have no desire to do so. I believe the proper phrase for times like this is “Argh.”

Mostly, I want to sleep.

But! I am looking forward (in a vague, dreamy way) to tomorrow morning, when I will get together with two other moms here on campus and we start to plan our homeschool group for this year. I’ve been the driving force behind this idea, based on my fond memories of a homeschool group when I was a kid, and on Joy’s love for learning in a group setting, and I’m so pleased to see it start to come together. So hopefully I’ll be able to be awake and alert enough for that tomorrow.

For today, I will rest, and I will not feel guilt.