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I’m not exactly sure why I even bothered vowing to be done with sewing except for Very Special Occasions.

Gracie's Dress

Gracie’s Dress

Joy's Dress

Joy’s Dress

On the other hand, I was too sick on Friday to do anything else productive, and each dress took me less than four hours, cutting included. Joy’s, which I made Saturday afternoon, probably took about two.

And now that I’ve got the sewing table set up, I’ll get as much done on those Halloween dresses as I can before time and other responsibilities press on me.

The nice thing is that all of a sudden, since finishing Joy’s dress, much of the stress that has always been involved in sewing for me is gone. As I cut out the underdress portion of Joy’s Halloween costume (cutting is always the worst part of the process for me), I found I was smiling and humming, peaceful and content even while doing the formerly-loathed task. I have no idea what’s switched in my brain, but I’ve turned, for now anyway, into a seamstress who is both confident in her work and enjoys it.

So I guess that’s worth breaking a promise to myself.

(Not to mention that the girls now each have a totally cute fall/winter dress to wear, and I used up fabric from my stash to do it.)