A couple of nights ago, I got a text from one of my neighbors, inviting me to an impromptu Frozen-watching at one of our other neighbors’ apartment. Four of us ended up watching it together, no kids (except one baby who chilled on her blanket on the floor the entire time) and it was a lovely evening.

Tonight I’m going to Bible Study in one of the other apartment buildings here on campus, one with women closer to my stage of life than most of my immediate neighbors (ie, we’ve all got kids 6 and older). It’s more of a prayer/fellowship/encouragement/sharing Scripture time than a strict Bible Study, which is exactly what my soul needs right now, and it is sweet.

Yesterday as we had our pre-school playground time, one of our other neighbors was up there as well, and she and I chatted about some of the stuff that’s going on in her life, and her two-year-old daughter broke down sobbing when we had to leave to do school (“I wanna do school wiv Joy and Gwace,” she wailed).

As an introvert and an HSP, this constant surrounding of my life with people can get overwhelming. It is a good thing, though. Left to myself I would gladly be a hermit.

“No man is an island,” poetry tells us. “It is not good for man to be alone,” the Bible says.

Of my own volition, I would live separate and silent, dwelling in loneliness and selfishness. And while the occasional peace would not go amiss, it is good for me to be forced, even if it metaphorically kicking and screaming at times, to dwell in community. I become a stronger person, a more loving individual, a closer follower of Christ, for it.