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“Oh yes, I should like to join you very much, I am fond of a long walk.” -Persuasion, Jane Austen

It was supposed to be a short walk this afternoon. I still have Gracie’s vest to finish for her Halloween costume (OK, start); the household chores are piling up; my writing has been horribly neglected of late. But the weather was gorgeous, so we decided a brief mid-afternoon walk, for all four of us, was just what we needed.


We walked to the little bridge, and decided to keep going. We walked to the end of the road, and decided to keep going. At that point, we guessed we were about halfway to the park, so we made the park our end goal, and kept walking.

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The kids had a blast climbing and zipping and swinging and playing at the park. We were there for about twenty minutes, and then we began the walk back. This time we timed it.

Walking just under two miles, with Carl carrying Grace for about half of it, took us exactly half an hour. Not too shabby!

Even though it ate up most of our afternoon, none of us could be anything but glad when we got home. (The kids’ happiness was perhaps partially influenced by the hot chocolate and graham crackers I’d promised them to motivate weary legs 3/4 of the way home.) It was a lovely time.

And, good practice for England, where walking everywhere will be the order of business. Always planning ahead, that’s me!