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Yesterday (Joy’s seventh birthday!) we finally, finally finished reading Farmer Boy for school. And lo, much rejoicing was heard throughout the land.

I had started reading Anne of Green Gables aloud just for fun a couple of weeks ago, and today I picked it up again for our new school reading – accompanied this time not by a written few-sentence summary at the end of each chapter, as we’ve always done before. Joy is free to draw a picture from the chapter if she wants to, but she is by no means required to. All she has to do is listen.

Carl was disappointed when he had to leave for class halfway through the reading, and I confess, I like having him around when I read it because he laughs at the parts that go over Joy’s head, and that makes her laugh too, and then she pays better attention. Still, though, she’s already more engaged with this than she ever was with Farmer Boy or any of other books we’ve read for school.

And, just because she wants to, she is right this moment drawing a picture of Marilla and Anne.