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Re-reading The Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine Aron (I only skimmed it before). Finding it an incredibly calming exercise, both reassuring me that my child is not abnormal, but merely highly sensitive, and that I can handle it and help her to thrive. Just what I need after a frustrating winter where it seemed every other day brought another emotional storm, and she regressed in several areas even while improving in others.

Also just started (I’m still stuck in the preface) The Writer’s Journey, by Christopher Vogler. My independent-movie-producer friend recommended this one to me, I’ve had it on my shelf for a year or more, and I’m doing my best to get into it. It is daunting, however.

I started a commentary on 1 Peter (by Karen Jobes) this winter to supplement the inadequate material provided for our ladies Bible Study here on campus. I ran out of steam partway through, but I want to finish it before this summer. It has really increased my understanding of and appreciation for 1 Peter.

I just finished some really blah fiction books, which (sadly) followed on a couple really excellent ones, so I’m taking a small break from fiction and focusing on non-fiction to sort of cleanse my palate. Plus my fiction reading habit can get unhealthy if I’m not careful – less of reading for the love of it and more reading because I can’t bring myself to do anything else – so I’m trying to curb that. I suspect it will be a lifelong attempt.

I haven’t been reading chapter books aloud to the kids lately – we got out of the habit this winter – but I want to start that up again, too. Thinking about picking up the Oz series where we left off, or reading Anne of Avonlea (if I can without crying now that Jonathan Crombie has so unexpectedly died), or … who knows? We’ll see!