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Didn’t sleep much last night. Aching legs and restless mind combined to keep me awake until around two, when I managed to fall into some sort of sleep. Consequently, I am tired and lazy this morning. Good timing to have the girls start to take responsibility for their own breakfasts! By the time I got up Gracie had made hers, eaten it, gotten dressed, and made her bed. Joy was in the process of finishing hers, seeing as she moves considerably slower than little sister. I was able to sit and drink my water and then make my own food without having to first prepare anything for anyone else. Completely odd, but so nice.

I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month. I did it back in April and really enjoyed it, so decided to tackle it again in July. I’m enjoying it again, but I don’t think I’ll do it again. Too much pressure, and I have a sneaking suspicion that once July finishes, I’m going to be burnt out and have to take time off from this story, thereby not actually getting it written any faster than if I’d done it on my own time.

But I am glad for the experience, and it has been fun sharing in the writing process with my “cabin mates.”

I tried the muslin on Joy this morning after I crawled out of bed, and it fits beautifully! So I can go ahead and cut out the fabric for the dresses now, and start sewing them. If I’m lucky, I’ll get these done in time for them to wear the rest of the summer. If not … well, I deliberately cut the armholes large enough that they can work as fall jumpers, too.

Listening to hawks screech outside. Stupid things build their nests on the edge of the playground every spring and then go crazy over all the people around all the time. My opinion of hawks’ intelligence is dwindling after living here for two years.

When we get back from our anniversary getaway this weekend (going away overnight without kids for the first time since having kids!) I need to look into our school situation and start planning for this upcoming year. We decided to continue homeschooling, thanks mostly to a Classical Conversations group that’s starting in our town that we can join, and to our plan to join the YMCA so the girls can participate in more outside lessons without me having to hover over their shoulders. So that’s set, but we still need to actually join the Y, and I need to figure out how to integrate what we’ll be doing in CC with what we’ll be doing for school at home. I actually think it’ll be pretty good, I just need to sit down and work it all out. Would also like to start doing a little bit of school every day with the kids, so that we can wrap up Kindergarten and Second Grade properly, instead of having to cram that into September and only start 1st and 3rd in October – which we’ll do if we have to, but I’d really rather not.

Falling asleep over my computer. Time for some more tea AND water if I hope to get any writing, sewing, or park outing done today.