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Joy pulled out her violin today to play it for the first time since her recital this past June. First we had to tune it (she was too nervous to turn the knobs herself, so I turned, she plucked and listened, and then told me whether it was good or if it needed another turn – her ability to recognize notes by ear amazes me), and then she rosined the bow, and off she went.

After she finished with the violin, she sat down with my old student guitar (missing the A string, but I ordered a new one – actually an entirely new set of strings, since all of the ones on there now are on their last legs, so to speak) and strummed that for a bit, and then finished up by going to the piano and playing tunes from memory and by ear.

And by the time I had to stop her so she could get ready for ballet, she was glowing with an inner peace and joy I haven’t seen in months. I am reminded again of how I need to sit her down at an instrument – any instrument – once a day if possible in order for her to keep at peak emotional health. She enjoys ballet and is good at it, but for right now, anyway, it’s clear that music is her passion. Even if she doesn’t recognize it as such yet!

Meanwhile, Gracie has been taking gymnastics lessons since September, and informed me a few days after Halloween that she loves gymnastics EVEN MORE than candy. Higher praise she has none. Who knows if this will last – but considering that her idea of a good skating lesson was one where she only cried once, and that the only thing that kept her in ballet last year was the promise of a fancy tutu costume for the recital, and she flat-out hated swimming lessons, I’m delighted to have found something she loves so well for right now.

It’s a good reminder to me that even though we don’t have the money or time to shower our girls with everything we want – skating lessons, dance lessons, gymnastics, swimming, art, piano, violin, guitar, flute, choir, their own bedrooms, a back yard, a pet, American Girl dolls, private school – that somehow God will always provide a way for them to thrive, if not in one way than in another. We have a full-size keyboard we bought off Craigslist, and a violin that was a gift from my dad, and Joy had a semester of lessons; she doesn’t need a baby grand and a Stradivarius and lessons from a master in order to find delight and satisfaction in her music. A YMCA membership and gymnastics lessons there has been enough for Grace to discover how much she loves it; she doesn’t need a private gymnasium and Olympic dreams.

They don’t feel deprived – I’m the one who is greedy for them, who wants more and more and more. But they have enough – if God is enough for me, he is enough for them. I just need to remember that. He will give them what they need to be the people he created them to be. And if they never become world-famous musicians and Olympians and prima ballerinas – that’s perfectly all right. It’s the world (and Mommy) who look at those things as important. All they need – in God – is delight in what he’s created them to do.

And that, they have.