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Right now, Grace and Carl and playing checkers. Joy has pulled out Bananagrams and is sorting the tiles according to letter, which she then uses to make words. Lentil sausage soup (this recipe, one of our favorites) is simmering on the stove. Up until I started writing this post, I was working on a pair of mittens for Joy, begun last winter and never finished (they were huge on her last winter; they fit perfectly now. Sometimes procrastination pays off!).

Earlier today, Carl and Joy played chess while I worked on my current novel and Grace drew lions and cheetahs and beavers out of our Draw Write Now books.

The kids have been sick for about two weeks, so we haven’t done any kind of formal school for a while – nor gone to our Classical Conversations homeschool group. Yes despite all this, today felt like the most perfect homeschool day we’ve had since we began homeschooling. A good reminder to me of the fact that homeschooling isn’t about finishing so many worksheets or getting through our social studies book by a certain date.

It’s about learning while we live, and learning how to live. And checkers and chess and drawing and sorting letters – and even watching Cinderella, which we did after lunch, a rare treat – and trying on the mittens Mamma is making for you, and all the rest of the little details in our day – all that is learning.

And so, as always, I hurry to jot this down so that on my next day of feeling discouraged and like a failure, I have this memory to look back on. To remember, and to take comfort.